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Calvary Chapel Resources

The Bible is unquestionably our central standard and our only foundation. However, the philosophy and approach that makes us distinctly "Calvary Chapel" has been greatly shaped by its history and especially by its founder, Chuck Smith. The following books by Chuck Smith describe the Calvary Chapel approach and are freely offered in PDF format. Together, they paint a larger picture of the character of the movement.

Calvary Chapel Distinctives Calvary Chapel Distinctives
What is it that makes Calvary Chapel different from other Bible-believing, evangelical churches?


The Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel The Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel
Chuck Smith identifies the fact that the church that will be successful in this day and age, is the church who is founded in the word of God and Jesus Christ.

Calvinism, Arminianism & The Word of God Calvinism, Arminianism & The Word of God
This pamphlet discusses the facts upon which these doctrinal stands are based, and compares them to the facts of the Word of God.

Charisma vs. Charismania Charisma vs. Charismania
Chuck Smith looks at a theological controversy that has existed for years and explores the 'Charismatic experience' as it relates to today's Christian.

Harvest Harvest
This is the story of the growth of Calvary Chapel ministries featuring the life and testimonies of Chuck Smith, and nine other Calvary Chapel pastors.

Answers for Today Answers For Today
This is a compilation of the popular Answer Pamphlet series. It includes "It's Time for the Sunrise," "Questions & Answers," "Unto Us a Son Is Given," "A More Sure Word," and "The Rapture".

Christian Family Relationships Christian Family Relationships
Christian Family Relationships reveals God's basic principles designed to keep your family's love alive. By knowing and applying God's principles to your family life.

Comfort for those who Mourn Comfort For Those Who Mourn
In this pamphlet, Pastor Chuck shares the glorious hope that we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how we can find comfort through Him during a time of loss.

The Effective Prayer Life Effective Prayer Life
"In print world-wide for nearly 20 years, this classic book on prayer has proven the truth that prayer changes things.

Living Water Living Water
God has the power to change lives through His Holy Spirit. This book captures that message and is written to give people a true understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. 

The Claims of Christ The Claims of Christ
Chuck Smith gives a straightforward presentation of the claims of Jesus Christ, along with proof of their validity. Readers are challenged to accept or reject Christ, based upon these claims.

The Gospel According to Grace The Gospel According To Grace
A clear and enlightening commentary on the book of Romans.

Why Grace Changes Everything Why Grace Changes Everything
Through remarkable insight gleaned from his own life, Pastor Chuck unfolds the mystery of grace and reveals the surprising truth: We can never grow in grace by our own efforts.

A Commentary on the Book of Revelation
by Chuck Smith
by Warren Wiersbe

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